Outerfocus 48 - Mahesh Shantaram

August 05, 2019
Outerfocus 48 - Mahesh Shantaram
Outerfocus 48 - Mahesh Shantaram
Aug 05, 2019
Ian Weldon
Show Notes

Mahesh Shantaram is also not a wedding photographer. And I like that. 

© Mahesh Shantaram - from Matrimania

Well, I liked it after I got over the fact that my own book, about weddings, wasn’t the first published by the actual hired wedding photographer. I write the rest of this with a slightly grump demeanour.

Martin Parr sent me a link to Mahesh’s work with the subject as - Some competition? I was a little curious to say the least. After seeing some of his work, and liking it very much, I emailed to see if he’d like to have a conversation for the podcast. In the ensuing emails and conversations I discovered that Mahesh was going through some issues with a project he’s working on, among other things, and that it was all part of a wider issue which deals with the vilification of artist, and the society imposed boundaries that they are expected work within, as to not offend anyone. 

We really only scratch the surface of a couple of topics in this conversation and we probably could have gone on for hours. Maybe there will be a part 2 one day. 

Until then, I very much hope that you enjoy this conversation.

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