Outerfocus 46 - Jason Baron

July 10, 2019 Episode 46
Outerfocus 46 - Jason Baron
Outerfocus 46 - Jason Baron
Jul 10, 2019 Episode 46
Ian Weldon
Show Notes

The photography industry is more than just the genre that we work in. It’s a multifaceted thing that reaches into all aspects of society, wether we notice it or not, and it’s more than just photographers. In some cases it’s the photographer and client, or the photographer and their art, but in others it’s layers of agents, ad agencies, art directors, corporate clients and contracts. 

One of the most seen, yet unnoticed, genres of photography is promotional photography. More specifically TV promotional photography. When we look at  iPlayer or Netflix or Amazon Prime for something to watch we are presented with a sea of images, all vying  for our attention.  

The Reith Lectures - Richard Ansett, BBC.

We all might know someone who shoots this kind of thing - well, I have and you know me. so…. - but who commissions the work? Who decides what right for the show?  And what kind of person does that job? 

Jason Baron, that’s who. Jason is Creative Director of Photography at the BBC. Heading the very much in demand team at BBC Creative they source photographers and fulfil the ever changing needs of the BBC’s online presence and promotional requirements. 

I hope that you enjoy our conversation and that it gives you a little insight into the world of promotional photography.

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