Outerfocus 44 - Kathryn Mayo

June 12, 2019 Episode 44
Outerfocus 44 - Kathryn Mayo
Outerfocus 44 - Kathryn Mayo
Jun 12, 2019 Episode 44
Ian Weldon
Show Notes

This week we welcome Kathryn Mayo to the Outerfocus Podcast. 

Not content with what could be described as ‘straight’ photography Kathryn’s work utilises antique processes and often incorporates found materials, fabric and objects. 

Kathryn is also a photography educator and has been teaching photography full time at Cosumnes River College since 2007 where she teaches a broad range of classes in film, digital imaging and manipulation, photo history and alternative photographic processes.  

For her most recent project, which we discuss,  she temporarily relocated to her hometown of Selma, Alabama while she completed her latest body of work, We Are Selma:  The Selma Portrait Project.

© Kathryn Mayo

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