Outerfocus 29 - Ask us Anything

October 31, 2018 Episode 29
Outerfocus 29 - Ask us Anything
Outerfocus 29 - Ask us Anything
Oct 31, 2018 Episode 29
Show Notes

This week we open up the floor to your questions, which we haphazardly, and long windedly, try to answer. And to be fair, this is only our opinion based on the experience we have. Some of you might agree, some of you might not. That’s the point. It’s just conversation and posing ideas - there is no right or wrong, it’s all open to interpretation……..

We only get through about 4 or 5, but plan to do some more episodes like this in the future so please keep sending them - info@outerfocuspodcast.com or message us through the facebook group. 

We don’t want this podcast to be a standard, run-of-the-mill, what’s expected podcast. The point is to learn, and grow, and have fun. Maybe we’ll do a drunk episode!

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Thank you for listening, see you in two weeks!

Ian & Bradley

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