Outerfocus 33 - Richard Kalvar (Lee Miller)

January 09, 2019 Episode 33
Outerfocus 33 - Richard Kalvar (Lee Miller)
Outerfocus 33 - Richard Kalvar (Lee Miller)
Jan 09, 2019 Episode 33
Show Notes

“The personality of the photographer, his approach, is really more important than his technical genius” - Lee Miller

Richard Kalvar. London - 2015

Happy New year to you all. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are all bloated from wine and cheese. Just like me. 

There are some new things on the horizon for Outerfocus, and I hope this year will be even better than last year. It was a good one, considering it was our first. 

A big thank you to everyone that has made donations to the podcast and to everyone who purchased the fundraising calendar. Your support is duly noted, and your hard earned cash is being invested back into the podcast so we can make it bigger and better.

Talking of bigger and better, this week we are blessed with the presence of the one and only, Richard Kalvar: member of Magnum since the mid seventies and all round good egg. It was photographers like Richard that helped me to see the artistry in photography, that made me understand that photography was as expressive a medium as any other, and that you didn’t have to take it all too seriously. This not only changed my perception of what photography was, but fundamentally changed me as a human being. Hopefully for the better. 

Richard tells us about his move to Paris in the 60’s for an acting job, his travels around Europe and how he became a photographer. 

This is the photograph that he mentioned, the one where he realised he was actually onto something.

Richard Kalvar. Paris - 1966

If you haven’t already, go check out his book, Earthlings. It’s a master class in observation and humour. Richard also has a Photofile book being released soon.

Photographer of note this week is, Lee Miller: Model, Fashion Photographer, Photojournalist, War Correspondent, Portrait Photographer, Surrealist and all round Bad Ass. 

Get it in your ears!

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