Outerfocus 36 - Vinca Petersen

February 20, 2019 Episode 36
Outerfocus 36 - Vinca Petersen
Outerfocus 36 - Vinca Petersen
Feb 20, 2019 Episode 36
Show Notes

I recently came across Vinca’s photography (No System) and was instantly connected to a time, and a scene, that I was almost part of. 

Our conversation cements the fact that Vinca is as genuine as her photographs, her experiences are real, and her photographs of not just the rave scene, but life itself, are as personal as any other photographer or artist I’ve ever seen. 

‘We’re not free, the way society is set up now. So my way of feeling free is to make fun, to play. It’s like jesting. I think that’s been taken away from images of people, and images of women especially. I don’t often see images of women looking comfortable and happy, in a non-extreme way. I want my pictures to be edgy and interesting, but people don’t have that much fun any more. So joy, and fun. That’s what’s important.’ - Vinca Perersen

Vinca tells us about the beginnings of the Rave scene in the UK, the Criminal Justice Bill that put a stop to it, and travelling with sound systems in Europe, among many other things.  

The Martin Parr Foundation has acquired a copy of No System, including dummy book, originally published by Steidl, and she has been featured in Tate Modern, I-D, Hero and Aperture to name but a few. 

2020 sees a large exhibition in Sunderland (which I’m pretty excited about) and a reissue of No System is imminent. 

We hope that you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

This weeks history of photography was non-existent, but we were going to look at, Christina Broom.

Christina was a Scottish photographer, and credited as "the UK's first female press photographer

Christina was appointed official photographer to the Household Division from 1904 to 1939 and had a darkroom in the Chelsea Barracks; she also took many photographs of local scenes, including those at the Palace, as well as The Boat Race and Suffragette marches.

Collections of her photographs are held at the Museum of London, the National Portrait Gallery, the Imperial War Museum, London, the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.......

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