Outerfocus 38 - Barbara Peacock

March 20, 2019 Episode 38
Outerfocus 38 - Barbara Peacock
Outerfocus 38 - Barbara Peacock
Mar 20, 2019 Episode 38
Show Notes

This week Outerfocus welcomes, Barbara Peacock.

Barb is a commercial & documentary photographer living in Portland, Maine. 

In September 2017 she received the Getty editorial grant for her project, American Bedroom. A project that sees Barb travelling the country photographing people in their most intimate of settings. 

We talk about how this project got started, Barb’s other projects including the long term, Home Town and the need to pursue commercial work to support the documentary work. 

Barb’s commercial portfolio includes work for: Disney, Brookstone and Lever, and she has had images licensed by the likes of, Toyota, Kodak and Wells Fargo. 

We talk inspiration in the form of books and being tutored by Mary Ellen Mark, and we hit upon more photographers than any other episode before. 

A great talk with a very wonderful photographer. I very much hope that you enjoy this conversation.

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